March 17th – Day 4


Today we woke up early because we were heading to Tuscany. The bus ride was enjoyable. We played music on the speaker and got time to relax. We stopped at a little place on the side of the road where we got snacks. We arrived at around 12:30 at the Tenuta Agricola Farm. It is beautiful here and the rooms are gorgeous, spacious and very typically Italian.

We had a great lunch where we had paninis with fresh mozzarella, tomato and salami. They were delicious and we all wanted more!!!

We played a great game of soccer with Bella and Marielle as captains. It was a very competitive game and Ms.Lewis had to re-explain how to do a throw in.

Durant notre séjour en Toscane, nous avons mangé un excellent repas venant directement de la ferme. Nous avons eu un cours de cuisine où nous avons appris et recréé une des recettes originales des chefs comme des pâtes et du pain.

The food here is amazing. Dinner was extraordinary! It was definitely the best food we have had so far, and it was all made from scratch.


Emma Richard-Polidoro ’20 and Isabella Rutenberg ’20

Marielle is happy to be on the road to Tuscany.
Tenuta Agricola Farm and Estate
Fresh paninis!
Soccer- the beautiful game.
Victoria is a pro!

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  1. Isabella and girls! one of my favourite places in the whole wide world! I can smell the home made pasta with fresh vegetables.
    Te adoro Isabella! Keep writing, eating, playing soccer, listening to music and enjoying each other!

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