March 21st – Day 8

My favourite part about today was taking the amazing and breathtaking gondola ride.

-Lilou ’20

Aujourd’hui j’ai vraiment appréciée notre visite a la Basilique de Santa-Maria della Salute. Ce bâtiment a été construit il y a 950 ans. Le sol décorée de multiples mosaïques et fait à partir de marbre est époustouflant! Mon retour a la piazza San Marco m’a rappelé des souvenirs de ma premiere visite à Venise.

-Syera ’20

My favourite part of today was taking the TGV, listening to my music and laughing with all of my friends. I really enjoyed buying a charm for my necklace during free time.

-Eva ’20

My favourite part of today was our free time because we had the opportunity to experience Venice, and I discovered many original Italian shops. It was very enjoyable!

-Victoria ’20

The best part of today was strolling around the small streets of Venice. I had the chance to see beautiful architecture and canals. I can’t wait to come back to this amazing city!

-Ella ’20

My favourite part of the day was the gondola ride. It was so beautiful to see the colourful architecture reflect on the crystal blue lagoon. I enjoyed our tour of Saint Mark’s Basilica as well. 

-Sabrina ’20

My favourite part of the day was the gondola ride. It was the first time I’ve done that and I was a bit scared. What made it better was doing it with my friends and laughing together.

-Kendra ’20

My favourite part of the day was the free time. We had the opportunity to explore Venice with our friends. We went to some jewelry stores and explored the Italian culture. My friends and I laughed a lot and had a great time!

-Bella  ’20

I enjoyed the water taxi on the way to our hotel looking at the gondolas and the beautiful buildings. I liked free time where my friends and I walked around and explored. I had a very fun day!

-Emma ’20

My favourite part of today was the gondola ride. I really enjoyed going through the city and seeing the colourful buildings with my friends.

-Alessia ’20

I really enjoyed seeing the city through the different angles; the piazzas, the gondolas, the TGVs and just walking through the little streets and looking at the boutiques! It was a really cute city and I loved it! 

-Claire ’21

My favourite part was walking through the streets and enjoying the view from the gondola! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to visit and learn about this beautiful city of Venice. 

-Sara ’21

I loved seeing all of the small canals and shops in all of the narrow pathways. The Basilica was beautiful on the inside and out, and I loved the gondola ride. I really enjoyed the city and I hope to visit again soon! 

-Lora ’21

My favourite part was having free time exploring and shopping with my friends in front of the Basilica. I really enjoyed exploring the history and the culture of this city!

-Erin ’21

The gondola was definitely the highlight for me during our time in Venice. It was an extremely unique experience to see the city from underneath the bridges.

-Mia ’21

My favourite part of the day was the gondola ride. I also loved exploring the city of Venice. It was a really pretty city because it was very unique.

-Juliette ’21

Venice was probably my favourite city, and I wish that we had more time there! The small canals and little alleys were really nice and cute. I also loved the gondola ride!

-Marielle ’21

I had a wonderful day! My favourite part was spending time with my students in Venice. I can finally take “gondola ride in Venice” off of my bucket list.

-Mrs. Lewis

Un petit arrêt à Venise en ce beau jeudi. Venise est une ville unique pour sa géographie , ses maisons, ses ponts et que dire de ses rues en labyrinthe!Une beauté unique qui vaut le détour ! À voir et à revoir

-Mme Senécal

Pizza San Marco and the Basilica Of Santa Maria Della Salute.
Syera, Eva, Lilou, Kendra and Sabrina enjoying their Gondola ride.
The Gondola, a traditional, flat-bottomed Venetian rowing boat. For centuries, the gondola was the main transportation system in Venice.
Our gondolier, Alessandro, hard at work!
We ended this perfect trip with penne and a picture. We would like to thank Alberto, our guide, for traveling around Italy with us.

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