March 14th – Day 1


Today was our very first day in Rome! We arrived around 10 am at the Fiumicino airport and quickly picked up our luggage. Some of us went to a little cafe located inside the airport to get our first taste of the delicious Italian corneto, or as we call them croissants! During our bus ride to our hotel, we learnt different Italian phrases and words! We all know how to say; “Per primi vorrei una pizza per favore”. (For my first course I would like a pizza please!)

Lunch was at Antica Taverna Alba and our chef, Massimo, was great company. We had the opportunity to watch him prepare the dough before it went into the oven. He was certainly great at prepping the dough! Later on during our day, we took a tour around the city and visited the Basilica S. Maria and the Basilica of Sonata Maria Maggiore. The sculptures and murals were breathtaking and we learned that many were designed by the famous artist Michelangelo! 

– Eva ’20


On a mangé un repas délicieux sur une petite terrasse proche de l’hôtel. On a mangé de très bonnes pâtes et du poulet parmesan. We then went to the the Trevi Fountain, where we continued the tradition of throwing a coin into the fountain hoping it would grant our wish! Tous les fonds de cette fontaine sont envoyés à la foundation Trevi. Some of us enjoyed a gelato while others were busy taking pictures before heading back to the hotel.

– Sara ’21 

On our way to the hotel!
Erin and Mia enjoying their time in Italy.
Kendra, Syera, Eva and Lilou excited for the adventures to come.
Emma, Ella, Alessia, Isabella and Victoria are excited as well!
Posing in front of our first restaurant for lunch.
Chef Massimo preparing the dough for our pizzas.
Enjoying hand made pizzas.
Eating very delicious pizzas.
The beautiful architecture found in one of the basilicas we visited today.
The amazing ceiling art!
The Basilica of Sonata Maria Maggiore.
Lilou and Kendra observing the beautiful architecture.
The Basilica S. Maria.
The Trevi Fountain.
Ella, Eva and Emma visiting the Trevi Fountain.

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  1. What a great opportunity to see those amazing places! Keep them in your eyes, mind and heart forever.
    In Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore, I have prayed for you every time I’ve been there Isabella R.

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